What is Dawnings?

Dawnings is a process that offers to help your church see the world and your ministry within it with fresh clarity and purpose. Rather than offering a new program to try, Dawnings helps your congregation develop skills that can transform how your church focuses its ministry and missions efforts. As your church participates in Dawnings, it will enter into three processes: Visioning, Forming and Engaging.


God is already at work in our world and communities. The visioning process helps us be increasingly aware of the places and ways God is working. Visioning is about catching a glimpse of God’s work and inspiring us to join in.


In order to be the presence of Christ in the world, God seeks to shape and form us. Dawnings provides approaches to spiritual formation, both as individuals and the larger church community. The process also offers opportunities to discover and hone practices that help us grow in faith and be transformed.


God calls us to action, and as we catch God’s vision for our community and world, we are drawn to be God’s hands and feet — joining in God’s transforming work. Dawnings helps us discover and engage the places where God is already at work.
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Dawnings Introductory Retreat

The first step in the Dawnings process is participation in a Dawnings Introductory Retreat. A small group of leaders from your church gathers with the leaders of other churches to get an in-depth look at the Dawnings process and begin to experience the approaches it offers.Multiple retreat opportunities are offered each year. View schedule and locations.

Space is limited so sign up early.