Taking time to pause, ask the questions yearning at our core, and living in to the vision God has given you, well, it seems quite obedient the Spirit of God. Dawnings crafted this discipline within our church leadership. As we experienced this process our eyes were open to the grand efficacy it would have on our church community as a whole. Therefore, the Dawnings process has become the process by which we approach every aspect of discipleship, ministry, worship and community.

Andy Hale

Pastor, Mosaic of Clayton, Clayton, NC

Dawnings has been a great process for our church. It’s helped us to slow down, pray, and discern God’s dream for our church. Most pastors and churches lead with programming, Dawnings, however, invited deliberate thinking through vision and formation before we ever considered engagement.

Julie Merrit Lee

Pastor, Providence Baptist Church, Hendersonville, NC

I am excited about establishing a dynamic discernment process to help our new church dream, choose and plan our life together. Dawnings does not pretend to be a one-size fits all program, but is rather a resource that can and should be custom designed to fit a faith community’s unique context. The process encourages planning that comes from a posture of openness to the movement of the Spirit. We all seem really excited about meeting together, and about hearing how God will speak through our time together.

I also like that I am a participant in the process more than the one leading it.

Susan Rogers

Pastor, The Well at Springfield, Jacksonville, Florida

At Centerville Baptist in Chesapeake, Virginia, a very traditional congregation, as we continue through our first year of implementing the Dawings plan that our Contextual Design team worked out, we are experiencing excitement around the Kingdom of God and what God is dreaming for us. With this, new language has entered our leadership discussions. This language includes more statements of hope and the realization that we are not just trying to maintain the institution of church, but that we are part of something much more important by fulfilling our call as brothers and sisters together. Thank you CBF for including us in this new/old idea of doing life together. Now we are officially including you in our giving.

Kevin Ritter

Pastor, Centerville Baptist Church, Chesapeake, VA 23322