Dawnings Overview

What is Dawnings?

The meaning and value of Dawnings is different for individuals and communities.

  • For churches, Dawnings is a biblical framework for local congregational life informed by the practices of Jesus.  Practically, it offers a basic infrastructure for a congregation’s life together.
  • For individuals, Dawnings is a rhythm of daily and seasonal living that helps individuals orient their personal lives to God’s dream for the world and His mission in it.
  • For CBF, Dawnings is a new way of relating to its partners – individuals, churches, and organizations.  Dawnings encourages and enables shared vision and collaboration among these partners while informing CBF’s initiatives for resourcing congregations.
  • For everyone involved, Dawnings is a shared way of life that anticipates our future while honoring both our recent and ancient past.

As a way of proceeding clearly, it’s helpful to distinguish between Dawnings the Idea (or simply, Dawnings) and Dawnings the Process.


Dawnings the Idea

The idea for Dawnings emerges as CBF and its partner churches find themselves in a time of unprecedented change. Dawnings suggests that the people of God have historically navigaged this type of paralyzing change by recalling God’s vision for the world and faithfully participating in God’s mission in the world. Dawnings recognizes in Scripture a way of navigating this unprecedented change – a rhythm modeled historically by the people of God and Jesus himself.  The basic idea behind Dawnings is that God is already at work in our churches and communities, and our task is to notice that work and participate in it. God’s activity in a time of change may often occur outside the traditional structures and approaches we tend to expect.


Seasons of Shared Congregational Life

The Bible reveals seasonal patterns among the People of God throughout history and within the life of Jesus.  Dawnings invites and encourages churches to a shared life around these three “seasons.”



As congregations approach purpose, Dawnings offers a process that helps discern the vision of God.



As congregations approach discipleship, Dawnings offers a process that both forms and informs.



As congregations approach engagement, Dawnings offers a process that encourages mission community.


Dawnings Clarified

As a way of clarifying, it’s important to say something about what Dawnings is NOT.  Dawnings is not a resource in the traditional sense of the word.  Dawnings is not a piece of curriculum, though it has value for informing curriculum development.  Dawnings is not the next best two-year emphasis, or is it a six or twelve-week study.

Dawnings is a way of life, a way of living faithfully.


Get Started!

Take the next step and learn more about Dawnings. An introductory Dawnings Retreat experience offers leaders from your church a chance to learn more about the Dawnings process without risk or obligation to continue the process. Contact us online or call 770-220-1600 and ask to speak with either Bo Prosser or Harry Rowland.





Dawnings Retreat